LUSH Products You Need ASAP

January 11, 2018

LUSH Products You Need ASAP

By Taylor Olie (@taayloroliee)

Known globally, LUSH is the go-to place to find all of your home-remedy style beauty products. Known for their pure ingredients and mouth-watering fragrances, many LUSH products rose to the top of the beauty charts in the last year. We popped into a local LUSH in Halifax, Nova Scotia to get the low down on what products you just can’t live without. Here are your must-have LUSH products that are worth the 2017 hype.


  • 1. Sleepy Body Lotion

The Sleepy Body Lotion is the most-talked about LUSH product released in 2017. Every beauty guru on YouTube and Instagram has raved about this creamy lavender and tonka scented lotion, for good reason. This lotion is loaded in cocoa butter and almond oil, which will lock in hydration and leave your skin silky smooth. Lavender is known for being a meditative essential oil, making this the perfect lotion to apply before you go to bed. Coat this on your entire body, including your feet, to prep yourself for a cozy, sweetly scented night’s sleep.


  • 2. Jelly Bath Bombs

2017 was the year LUSH introduced their new Jelly Bath Bombs, and they were a huge hit. These unique bath bombs are luxuriously soft on the skin, and fizz for more than double the time a regular bomb does. They create a thin film of jelly on the top of your bathwater, which coats your body in an indulgent layer of hydration, leaving your skin feeling smooth until your next shower or bath. Pick one of these up in Marmalade (Brazillian orange and grapefruit), Green Coconut (seaweed and coconut), The Big Sleep (lavender, chamomile and neroli) or Secret Arts (cinnamon, orange and almond).


  • 3. Shampoo Bars

While LUSH’s shampoo bars are nothing new to them, they are constantly adding new varieties to this ever-popular line. Their unrivaled bars last up to 80 washes and cost under $15, giving you a sumptuous experience each and every time you wash your hair. With 11 different kinds available, there is something for every hair type. Looking for beachy, voluptuous hair? Seanik has your back. Struggle with those irritating flakes? Try Avocado Co-Wash or Soak and Float. Is winter leaving you with dull, limp hair? Montalbano is for you. The list goes on. LUSH shampoo bars will leave you feeling renewed and ready to tackle anything with your fabulous tresses.


  • 4. Toners and Steamers

LUSH changed the skincare game with their natural spray toners and steamers. Toning is a crucial step in a skincare routine, helping to balance the oil production in your skin and to clear up imperfections. Not only is there a toner available for all skin types, there is also different formulas made for time. If you are a five-minutes-ready kind of girl, the spray toners will be great for you. Simply wash your face, give this a quick spray all over the skin and follow up with a moisturizer. If you are looking for something more spa-like, pop one of their Steamers into hot water and allow the steam to rise over your skin. Get ready to glow all year!


  • 5. Fresh Face Masks

Tired of buying face masks that feel so… unnatural? Sometimes our skin craves something that screams natural; something we maybe could have made ourselves, but not quite. LUSH’s fresh face masks have you covered. These masks are made with the simplest ingredients and leave your skin feeling out of this world. These make for a great girl’s night, as they are affordable and there is something for everybody. Keep it stored in the fridge and watch the expiry date; these babies are so natural they can expire. Enjoy your girl’s night-in with wine, popcorn, gossip and of course, LUSH.


Bio: Taylor Olie. Just a girl on my #happinessjourney. Besides beauty and overall wellness, I find inspiration in baking and cooking, music, travel and yoga.

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