Trends to watch out for 2018

February 01, 2018

Trends to watch out for 2018

By Taylor Olie (@taayloroliee) 


Upside down eyeliner


If you are looking to do something a bit bolder in 2018, try upside down eyeliner (often done with eyeshadow). This trend is extremely easy to do and looks so cool! Simply run a bright bold colour along your lower lash line, while keeping your top lids neutral. This pop of colour is subtle, but stands out among the neutrality on the rest of your face. Pair it with a lip of your choice and you have a great party look done in a snap. If you are curious to try out this trend, pick up the Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions palette. This colours in this palette are incredibly pigmented, and you get 9 top-quality shadows for 35 dollars. That’s only 3.89 per shadow, which is a steal!



Say bye to Instagram brows

Instagram brows were huge in 2017. Everyone in the beauty world was rocking the thick, sharp, photo worthy brows. They were bold and they were fabulous. And they have had their time in 2017. According to celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta, 2018 is all about feathery, natural brows. Everything makes a comeback! Natural brows are easy to achieve, and add a softer look to the face. We’ve seen this on celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Shay Mitchell, who are constantly rocking the softer glam on the red carpet. Who doesn’t want to look like Chrissy or Shay on the red carpet? Benefit Cosmetics offers kits designed for each style of brow. To achieve the feathery look, pick up Benefit’s Soft and Natural Brow Kit in Sephora.


Gloss is boss

Have you gotten tired of the dry, long lasting lips that took over the beauty world? While they look awesome on, liquid lipsticks or matte lipsticks can often leave the lips feeling stripped and dry, begging for hydration. Well, fear not. Gloss is back! Our lips have suffered for beauty long enough. In 2018, high shine is going to hit the Instagram feeds with a bang. Brands like Too Faced, Fenty Beauty and Huda Beauty released high shine lip-glosses in the latter of 2017 and had massive success with them. Gloss gives any look an extra glam factor, especially when they are extra shiny. And, surprise, gloss looks amazing with natural brows!


Glowy skin

Dewy skin made an appearance in 2017, but was often taken to the limits when paired with the year’s biggest trend: maximum highlight. While that beautiful glow was breathtaking and sometimes left us feeling like maybe we should have worn sunglasses to watch that YouTube video, it’s moving over for a subtle, healthy glow from within. 2018 will focus on the skincare products that goes into a routine to achieve glowy skin all year around. Products like Tatcha’s Luminous Dewy Skin Mist and Glam Glow’s Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer prep the skin for makeup and leave it feeling hydrated and healthy. Say goodbye to cakey foundation and chunky highlighter and hello to gorgeous, healthy skin in 2018.


Bio: Taylor Olie. Just a girl on my #happinessjourney. Besides beauty and overall wellness, I find inspiration in baking and cooking, music, travel and yoga.

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